Albany prepares for hurricane force winds

Albany prepares for hurricane force winds
City officials prepare sandbags for residents in need during the storm.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With potential county-wide power outages, a main concern for Albany city officials is the lift stations and sewage pumps.

The pumps run on electricity, but if the power goes out, so do the pumps.

Dougherty County has declared a state of emergency with Hurricane Michael quickly approaching. And Albany Public Works has sandbags available for you! You can pick them up at 1900 N Monroe. There is a limit of 10 per household. WALB News 10 will continue to update you on the storm and the severity of it as we learn more!

Posted by Grason Passmore WALB on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

If the power goes out, lift stations have about an hour or two before there is an overflow.

And with power outages expected, the city is bringing in back up generators to try and prevent this, especially with the recent sewage spills in Albany.

In last January's storms, there were seven circuits without power.

The city said it doesn’t want to see a number that high again.

The city is also bringing in extra linemen to help with power outages throughout the city.

These crews will help reach areas as quickly as possible if and when the power goes out.

But a main focus now is just getting the generators to the pumps.

“Those are the ones we try to focus our backup pumps, our porta-pumps on the outside to try to mitigate as much of this as we can,” said Assistant City Manager Phil Roberson.

The city and county have been working together in joint efforts to prepare for the storm.

Extra crews are on call and all machines and cars are gassed up and ready to go.

Crews as far as Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi may be coming to Southwest Georgia to help in storm relief.

Albany City officials said they don’t know how bad the storm is going to be, but they are preparing for every possibility. This means bringing in as much help as possible and all Albany crews are on call now.

The main focus of these crews is to help with the expected power outages.

This means getting the fallen trees and limbs that may have caused the outages in the first place.

“We do want folks to be prepared. Remember don’t just assume because a wire is on the ground, is de-energized. Don’t want folks driving over wires on the ground, don’t pick them up, don’t even walk close to them,” said Jimmy Norman, the director of utilities operations for the city.

You can also pick up sandbags at 1900 North Monroe Street. Officials ask that you limit these to 10 per household.

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