Monroe High School hosts literacy kickoff

Literacy Grant Impacts Student

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County School System received a $2 million grant to promote literacy in the school district.

Monroe High School did just that by hosting a literacy kick off for their students.

Vinson Davis, Monroe High principal, said Thursday’s event was to get students excited and teach them the importance of literacy.

“Tonight, was important because it brought us all together and just in a small way. This will help us get the message out as a network of schools that reading literacy is extremely vital to the success of our young people’s future," says Davis.

Davis said literacy is what gets students jobs after they graduate.

“To be employable they have to be literate and that means they have to know how to comprehend, how to take up a workers guide and be ready to perform on a job," says Davis.

Davis said one of the most important resources that students have when it comes to literacy is the public library.

“It’s an amazing resource and a lot of times when the school doors close, a lot of our kids don’t have access and our public libraries across our city are doing an outstanding job as serving as resources to our young people," says Davis.

Davis wants the Albany community to know that literacy does not just start at school.

“It does not just start when students come to school. It happens much sooner than that. It happens in living rooms, bed rooms, kitchen tables across our city, across our state, and across our nation," said Davis.

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