Editorial: Hotel demolition right move in Albany dilapidated property battle

WALB Editorial: Inn and Suites demolition
WALB Editorial: Inn and Suites demolition
Published: Oct. 1, 2018 at 5:55 PM EDT
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We’re so pleased that the push to rid the City of Albany of its dilapidated and unsightly properties continues.

Such was the case when a motel on West Oglethorpe, which had been inhabited by vagrants, was razed after catching fire in June.

After the fire, the Old Inn and Suites was not only an eyesore, but also created a safety issue for the city.

A neighboring business owner took those very concerns to the city, and as a result, the process began to tear it down.

We are also pleased that the city says this is just the beginning to rid neighborhoods of vacant, derelict buildings.

Police Chief Michael Persley said the demolition was a collaboration between the Code Enforcement Office, the City Attorney’s Office, and the Municipal Court.

“There are a lot of code enforcement issues and just general crime issues in the city, but you have to start somewhere, so sometimes you have to take your small victories that all lead up to bigger victories," Persely said. "A collaborative effort between multiple departments within the city, and then support from our board of commissioners is what it’s going to take to make sure the citizens get the services they need.”

We hope these collaborations continue and that citizens will do their part by reporting unsightly properties in your neighborhood.

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