Expanding CDL program could potentially create hundreds of jobs in Albany

Albany Technical College P&G CDL partnership program

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One program in Albany is expanding, an expansion that could help bring hundreds of jobs to the community.

The national truck driver shortage affects the community of Albany in ways you may not have thought.

“We are in a community where the unemployment rate is higher than in the rest of the state,” said Dr. Anthony Parker, president of Albany Technical College.

But it’s not just the unemployment rate.

“We’re in a community where the rate of poverty is higher than other places in the country,” said Parker.

Which is why the expansion of Albany Tech’s commercial truck driving program is more important now than ever.

“People that earn money here will likely spend it here and spend it additional times,” Parker said.

The CDL program is expanding to now hold about 75 students a semester, three times a year. Students in the last graduating class were offered an average of four jobs each. Something that’s led to partnerships between the college and businesses.

“Snyder Transportation signed an agreement with Albany Tech to donate $500 per successful placement,” Parker said.

As well as donating an additional $500 per graduate after working for the company for 30 days. And Procter & Gamble may be following suit.

“Their consideration for expansion in the future will depend on how quickly they can get the product from where it’s manufactured here in Albany to where it’s going to be distributed or consumed,” explained Parker.

Meaning the need for truck drivers in Albany will be at an all time high.

“We continue to see the help wanted signs in the community for CDL drivers and diesel technicians,” Parker said.

The CDL program is still accepting new applicants.

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