Albany may be expanding sidewalks in the city

Albany sidewalk expansion possiblity

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany city commissioners will be looking at the possible creation of a sidewalk on Palmyra Road.

The sidewalk is a part of a SPLOST VII Project.

It would be about the length of Slappey Boulevard to 10th Avenue.

WALB spoke with several moms about the possible project on Tuesday. They said they would love if the city would use tax dollars to create a space where people can safely walk.

They said there really aren’t enough places in the city where people can walk, bike, run or in their case, safely walk their strollers.

One mom WALB spoke to is a physician who said not only would it help safety in the city but also better residents' health.

“As a physician from a health care perspective, the more sidewalks we can have in our city, and the more we can promote people being outdoors, people being active and walking, that’d be great for the overall health of our citizens here and our community. So, it’d be a wonderful idea,” said resident Laura Fay.

Commissioners are expected to hear more on the sidewalk project Tuesday night.

They’re also expected to discuss an issue regarding Chehaw asking the City of Albany to sign an overall $4.4 million contract with the park.

City revising contract with Chehaw

According to city commissioners, Albany has been in a management agreement with the park for years now.

Chehaw directors asked commissioners to approve a new agreement, giving Chehaw $820,000 a year for the next five years.

But Commissioner Bob Langstaff questioned the agreement. He said 75 percent of people going to Chehaw are not from Albany.

He also said a five year deal is unusual for the city to make.

Langstaff then questioned what the park is doing to prove they are using SPLOST funding wisely.

“Part of the reason we justified it in the past was to help them become more self-sustaining. And I don’t know that the SPLOST dollars we’ve given have done that,” said Langstaff.

Chehaw representatives said most of the people coming to the park are tourists, meaning funding the park only funds tourism for the city and the county.

Commissioners decided to hold off on voting whether or not to approve the contract until more information about the park and the funding is given.

They may discuss the agreement again at Tuesday’s meeting.

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