South Georgia Medical Center faces serious accusations from Joint Commission

SGMC meeting on legal issues and survey

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - One south Georgia hospital met for hours on Monday to discuss issues that the Joint Commission discovered through a survey.

Though the contents in that survey can’t be revealed, South Georgia Medical Center is taking serious action. The Joint Commission discovered what they call a multitude of violations within SGMC.

Former SGMC CEO James McGahee said for the sake of the patients, it’s crucial that these issues surrounding the hospital’s staff are resolved quickly, or tax payers could be impacted.

“They need to be fixed, and fixed as rapidly as possible. And make sure they are meeting the standards once they are done," said McGahee.

Authority Chairman Sam Allen said they’ll hold town hall meetings with the hospital’s staff and periodically survey them to ensure the board is offering leadership.

“Also the culture of this organization has to change," said Allen.

However, Allen did not clarify what those cultural issues are.

McGahee said the problems and violations of standards the Joint Commission discovered in a survey were significant.

Now, SGMC has 45 days to correct them or it could lose its accreditation.

“That has to be addressed, not only by this board but by the medical staff. We’re definitely concerned with the quality, and that was one of their main concerns, that we focus on quality," explained Allen.

Being accredited by the Joint Commission is not only a standard for hospitals, but it means all people always experience the safest, highest quality, best-value health care across all settings, something the commission claims SGMC has failed to meet.

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