Albany Chain Gang gets donations to help Florence victims

Albany Chain Gang gets donations to help Florence victims
Albany Chain Gang taking donations for Florence victims (Source: Gieryic's Automotive Repair where donations will be dropped off at. WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Hurricane Florence has caused major damage in the Carolinas and the Albany Chain Gang has decided to collect donations to send to the victims.

Tom Gieryic, founder of the Albany Chain Gang, said that he is taking the donations to Columbus and then his friend is helping him get the donations to the people who need them.

“He will come get the supplies and then a place out of Wilmington called Wilmington Response, which is a disaster recovery team, they will come to Columbus and pick up the Albany supplies," explained Gieryic.

Gieryic said that the Chain Gang wants to go help out with the storm damage, but conditions are still really bad.

“There are a lot of damaged roads still and it is really hard to get in and out of there. We are thinking three to four weeks before our supplies actually make it into Wilmington," said Gieryic.

Gieryic said that helping other communities should always be a priority here in Albany.

“It comes around. You do good for someone else, then when your time comes, when you ask for it, they remember and will come help you," Gieryic said.

If you would like to donate to the victims who were affected by Hurricane Florence, then you can do that by dropping off donations at Tom Gieryics Automotive Repair at 2401 Dawson Road in Albany.

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