Pharmacy records stolen from Albany pharmacy

Pharmacy records stolen from Albany pharmacy
One Albany pharmacy owner tells us he believes he is being blackmailed.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One Albany pharmacy owner told WALB he believes he is being blackmailed by a man, who claims to have some of his old pharmacy files.

The owner of the Prescription Shoppe said he was contacted by phone from a man who demanded $1,500 or he would sell the media a false story so he could get rich.

The owner felt uncomfortable showing his face on air but was willing to use his voice.

“He told me that he had seen something about patient information on the news and he thought it was worth a lot of money if he came forward with it,” said the owner.

“He claimed to find some of our records in a trashcan,” said the owner.

“Said that he was contacting WALB and that they had offered him $1,500 for his story and if I would give him $1,500 he would turn the records over,” said the owner.

A story the man did contact us about him finding records but said they were in an alley but we did not offer him any money.

“We hire a company to destroy our records, so I knew there was no way it could be in the trashcan,” said the owner.

So how did this man obtain these files?

“He illegally entered a building and snatched the records and ran,” said the owner.

The Prescription Shoppe recently moved locations and the man entered the previous location while it was being renovated for the buildings new tenants.

“We thought all the records had been gotten out and destroyed and turns out there was a small box of approximately 500 records that was in a top shelf in a closet that got missed,” said the owner.

The man took pictures of the records, took a few and ran out.

The owner called the Lee County Sheriff’s Office but since his new location sits near the county line they advised him to contact the Albany Police Department.

“Only a few pieces of paper were taken and they brought me back everything else,” said the owner.

The owner has began to call his customers affected but wants to assure them that no financial or social security numbers were compromised.

“All he has is names and birth dates and what prescription you had,” said the owner.

The owner wants his customers to know that they do everything they can to prevent this.

“This was just a freak accident," said the owner.

“I asked him why he was doing this, that it’s blackmail. He said he saw it more as a community service,” said the owner.

The owner said he plans to follow up with the Albany Police Department to hold this man responsible for his actions.

We have been in contact with the Albany Police Department about this story.

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