Indians helping Buddy Nobles continue legacy at Irwin

Buddy Nobles holds school record with 45 wins

Buddy Nobles sets school record for all-time wins

OCILLA, GA (WALB) - Vision.

It’s written on the entrance way to the Indians practice field, but it’s also something that the Irwin County head coach Buddy Nobles says he had for the Indians future.

For the past five seasons, Nobles has led the Indians for the past 57 games.

Claiming 45 wins.

Making him now the new record holder for career wins by a coach.

A record that has stood at 44 since 1988.

“You know, it’s just unbelievable to see kids from the 14,15,16,17 team texting me this week saying congratulations," said Nobles. "That meant a lot.”

But Nobles looks past the victories on the field, and focuses on the wins off the field.

By how much he is impacting his players in their lives.

“It’s been great," said senior wide receiver Wil Hudson. "He’s a great guy and a great coach. He got here when I was in the eighth grade I think, but before he was my coach it was like he was already my coach. Talking to us all the time and always being around.”

This victory feels more like a community victory for Nobles.

On the account that he knows that without his players and communities support, he couldn’t have completed this feat.

“Just the support that we’ve got here in Ocilla," said Nobles. "From our school super intendent to everybody.”

The Indians know that coach Nobles means something to them.

So, they will do everything they can to help coach Nobles leave his mark on this school.

“Win the next game Friday," said senior athlete Jay Stanley. "Then from there on, win the region championship and then you know what’s next. We in the Benz baby.”

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