Dougherty Co. credits students for high graduation rate

DOCO graduation rates and district information

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Dougherty County Superintendent Kenneth Dyer said he credits the success of a higher graduation rate to dedicated students.

“I think it’s an attribution to the hardwork of our faculty, staff and our leaders to meeting the needs of our students and to our students who understand the importance of receiving an education and to help prepare them for their future,” said Dyer. “Well, we’re pleased with the graduation rates that were reported this morning. This is the first time in recent history anyway, that all Dougherty County high schools surpassed the state average.”

Dougherty County’s graduation is sitting at 86.1%, which surpasses the state’s average of 81.6%.

How did they do it?

Dyer said that it was sheer will and determination.

“Primarily a testament to our students' commitment to bettering themselves and to receiving a quality education” explained Dyer.

Dyer added that it is also due to an increased learning time, before and after school support and even Saturday school, that helps students who struggle.

“Of course they are supported by our teachers, our faculty, our staff, our leaders who provide the support needed to help these students succeed,” Dyer said.

In 2012, the graduation rate was whopping 56.7%, but a tailor-made program helped turn that number around.

“We’ve tailored our remediation program to students that struggle,” explained Dyer.

Dyer said the goal is to hit 100 percent in the future.

“Focus on the needs of the students, when you focus on the needs of the students and committed to those needs, the results will come,” said Dyer.

Dyer said that the higher graduation rates will help with the overall quality of life in the county, making students more attractive to jobs and secondary schools.

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