Community gathers for 150th Camilla Massacre Commemoration

Camilla Massacre Commemoration

CAMILLA, GA. (WALB) - September 19 marks the 150th year that several blacks were killed and wounded while attempting to attend a Republican Party Rally at the Courthouse in Camilla to make a difference.

Community members gathered at the Camilla Train Depot for a commemoration for those who lost their lives on this day 150 years ago.

Educators and authors with an in-depth knowledge on the massacre spoke and presented a memory wreath as the names of the fallen were read aloud.

“It’s just so nice that we can go back and we can re-enact and talk about what our ancestors did over a hundred years ago,” said Camilla Native Priscilla Davis.

Among those wounded that day was Francis Flagg Putney, the founder of Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Folks through Camilla said that recognizing this day every year showcases the progress the city continues to make everyday.

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