Hornets look to keep clean-sheet streak alive against Miller County

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PELHAM, GA (WALB) - The Pelham Hornets have been tearing it up in their first 4 games this season.

Not only by staying undefeated as they head into week 5... but also making history by shutting out all four of their opponents.

The Pelham defense has been so lock-down in their last four games, that they haven’t allowed a single point on the board, let alone a soul in their end zone.

The Hornets have made history this past Friday after their commanding victory over Terrell County as they won 65-0.

giving them a school record of 4 shutouts in a row, the most Pelham High School has ever seen.

“It means a lot," said co-defensive captain Treun Pace. "We’ve been dreaming this since we were Freshman. So now for us to do it, it means a lot.”

For defensive captains Javoris Williams and Treun Pace, this is a dream come true.

But it's something they knew they were capable of.

“We had a mindset to dominate every team,” said Williams, “play and not allow an offense to score on us.”

But if you ask them, they aren't done yet.

Pelham is looking to set their names firmly in stone, and see how long they can hold this record.

“It means a lot," said Pace. "We will be the only team in history to ever do five shut outs. So, we are just aiming high and playing for our goal.”

Hornets head coach Dondrial Pinkins said he’s proud of the team and staff, but he knew this was something they could accomplish.

Now, they need to maintain it.

“Defensively we just want to kind of keep it going," said Pinkins. "Challenge the guys and the coaches as well. Go out and play well. Come up with great game plans. We feel like if we can do this week by week then we have a great chance at winning ball games.”

But the Hornets offense is nothing to shy away from.

The Hornets offense has scored a total of 226 unanswered points.

For Junior Quarterback Kendrick Patterson, it's a relief to know that his offense can work on the field, never having to look at the scoreboard to see if they are behind.

“It makes me feel like everyone’s doing their part you know," said Patterson. "Everybody’s not being selfish everybody’s being as one team.”

Pelham’s not sure how long this streak will last. But one thing they do know for sure, is they’ll go hard every game.

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