Lee Co. Schools to get ethical database system

Lee Co. Schools to get ethical database system

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - It’s common practice for employers to do background checks, but now the biggest employer in Lee County wants to dig a little deeper through a statewide school database software.

Lee County Schools Assistant Superintendent said the school system is in the process of registering and getting the system.

It's a national database which tracks ethical violations logged against teachers, that no more than a dozen schools across the state are using.

The system helps employers to see if potential employees applying for a job from out of state could have accusations or incidents of inappropriate behavior or disciplinary action that could be missed by schools in a rush to certify new teachers.

“If you’re doing your homework, you should be able to find if there’s a skeleton in a closet. Our job is to try to find that before we bring a person on,” said Kevin Dowling, Assistant Superintendent for Lee County Schools.

The national database system is for profit.

“There could be an ethics violation that is not a criminal violation. But it still keeps that person from teaching. Or that person was suspended or what not.”

Dowling said the cost will depend on how many teachers are in the school system.

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