Fresh Start Academy helping students graduate high school

Fresh Start Academy helping students graduate high school
(Source: Student working on homework at Fresh Start Academy. WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Fresh Start Academy is for a place where students can still graduate, but with modifications.

Patricia Jackson, Fresh Start Academy director, said many students are referred by Dougherty County Schools.

“Dougherty County School System, they can refer a lot of students. Most of our students come from the Dougherty County Schools. The school had identified some type of barrier that the student has. A lot of our students have full time jobs, a lot of our students have children, or they have missed a lot of days," said Jackson.

Jackson said she wants students to know that they can refer themselves if they feel that they are struggling in a regular high school setting.

“Students can self-refer, if they hear about us then they can call us at (229) 886-348. They can come in and fill out an application. We evaluate it to make sure they are eligible for our program. It’s for any students sixteen through nineteen and some cases twenty if they already have credits," said Jackson.

Jackson said students who graduate from the Academy will get a diploma, but not one from Fresh Start.

'When students graduate here, they graduate with a diploma from their home school. So, if their home school is Westover, then when they graduate they are going to graduate with a Westover diploma," said Jackson.

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