Lowndes Co. hotels booked ahead of Hurricane Florence landfall

Lowndes co. hotels booked due to Florence

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - If you’re looking to stay in one South Georgia city anytime soon, you might want to look elsewhere.

With the shift in Hurricane Florence’s path, we may not see much more than a bit of rain in our area, but Lowndes County officials said we could see a different type of impact from the storm.

With Hurricane Florence on the way, many are evacuating to South Georgia.

According to state tourism officials, there were no hotel or motel rooms available in Lowndes County on Wednesday.

Officials attribute that to evacuations from those affected by Florence.

Even with a State of Emergency declared for all counties in Georgia, we are not expecting any severe direct impact from Florence in South Georgia.

If conditions worsen and needs increase, officials will be looking to open shelters.

“So we’ve had situations where evacuees have been here in the past, where they’ve not been able to afford to stay in hotels and motels for as long as they needed to stay away from their local community," said Lowndes County Spokesperson Paige Dukes.

Officials said that they are prepared to open shelters if necessary, but with the shift in Florence’s path, they do not expect to.

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