Safe and Sound: Staying safe on boats during summer months

Staying safe on boats this summer

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The 4th of July is almost here and while some people may be hitting the road to visit family, a lot of people will spend time out on the water.

Boating can be very fun but it's all about staying safe and that starts way before your boat touches the water.

You want to make sure there is a life jacket for everyone on board and they wear it at all times.

“Make sure that you have a throwable device in case someone were to fall off of the boat into the water, you could throw this at them,” said Warren Wagner with Georgia Power.

Warren Wagner (Source: WALB)
Warren Wagner (Source: WALB)

You also want to have a paddle in case the motor were to die as well as a first aid kit and an air horn in case something happens and you are far away from others.

While you're out on the water enjoying the holiday, remember boating under the influence is illegal.

"The DNR will be out. They'll be out making sure everyone is safe," said Wagner.

Wagner said Georgia Power is very involved with water safety because it owns 16 lakes. They've partnered with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources with the slogan for staying safe called SPLASH!

SPLASH stands for:

  • Supervision
  • Prevention
  • Look before you leap
  • Arms length (keep children close)
  • Swim lessons
  • Have a safety plan

"In a lake like this, you think it's safe to jump anywhere you want but just make sure that you take a moment to take a look at what's down there," said Wagner. "Children ages 1 to 4, they don't have a fear of the water, they see it and go for it so you need to be aware when you get close to water with young kids you want to pay special attention to them."

There are plenty of other ways to make sure you have a good time like staying hydrated.

"Bring a cooler with water, sunscreen and a hat would be good," said Wagner.

Click here for a list of boating rules and regulations from Georgia's Department of Natural Resources.

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