Viewpoint: Code Red can save lives

As soon as next week, Dougherty County Commissioners may decide whether to continue to pay for the Code Red emergency alert system.  It's not cheap.  It costs the county more than $37,000 a year.

The vast majority of you haven't signed up, leaving commissioners to wonder if the system is really worth the expense.

County workers can manually send emergency alert phone calls to tens of thousands of numbers listed in the phone book.  That can be time consuming.  But if you register your number, you'll get an automatic call the instant the National Weather Service issues a weather warning.

Those phone calls could save lives, but fewer than six thousand people have signed up.

The county has used the system 14 times since it was installed.  We think the system is important, but it's only worthwhile and worth the money if you take advantage of it.

At a time when money is so tight, we can't blame county leaders for thinking about saving money by doing away with Code Red.

If you think the county needs this potentially lifesaving system, you better let commissioners know by signing up.  It's easy.  Just call the Emergency Management Agency at 229-431-2155.

If you don't, we just may lose a system that could save lives.