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4. How can I prevent my heating and air system from growing mold?

Dirty Coil Before Dirty Coil Before
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Installing a Ultraviolet light will kill and prevent mold growth. 

How does this work? 

Being comfortable in summer and winter is now considered a necessity; unfortunately our comfort systems can also come with side effects.  When an air conditioning system is cooling your home in the summer, the inside cooling coil is also removing humidity or moisture from your home. 

This moisture is present on the coil and draining to the outside of the home during the on cycle and shortly after the system goes off.  As a result, a damp, dark atmosphere in the unit creates a wonderful environment for mold, bacteria, viruses, and fungi to grow inside your air condition. 

These pollutants can be harmful to some people.  Also, accumulation of pollutants on the coil will affect the efficiency and life of your system. 

One of the most effective solutions for reducing many of these pollutants is an Ultraviolet Germicidal Light.  The light is mounted inside your system, near the indoor coil, where fungus and microbes may grow.  The UV Light works to clean the coil and prevent the growth of fungus on and around the coil by destroying the DNA of the fungus to kill or deactivate it. 

As a result, when the UV light is used in conjunction with a better than standard filter system, the conditioned air circulating through your home is cleaner and fresher, while the inside of your system stays cleaner for maximum efficiency and performance.

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