2. How can I keep my air duct system from leaking expensive air?

Most air duct systems leak 20-40% of your expensive air that you need inside not out!

Here at Cottongim Heating and Cooling we believe in having the best products for our customers.  Any time we find a better way to serve our customers we always make necessary changes to keep the most modern practices in our customer's homes.

Through new training, we discovered a better way to insulate and seal air ducts called "Super Duct".  This "Super Duct" is closed cell spray foam applied to the duct which insulates and seals at the same time.

Traditional ducts were sealed with a sealant, then insulated with a fiberglass blanket.  The traditional way usually leaks air and the ducts sometimes sweat in the summer months, making the insulation wet, depleting its insulation value and shortening the life of the insulation.

The "Super Duct" has an R-7 insulation value per inch which is applied anywhere from 1.5 to 2 inches thick.  Traditional fiberglass insulation has an R-8 value for a 3 inches thick wrap, if it is installed correctly, which in most cases, is not.

Super Duct's qualities are:

  • better insulation value
  • won't sweat
  • won't come off
  • nearly indestructible
  • air leak proof
  • comes with 10 year warranty

This simply is the best duct system for your dollar.  Contact us for more information on "Super Duct".

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