Viewpoint: Let's support local business and industry

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The economy is tightening, jobs are being lost, being a business owner can be tough!

It's time for communities to do more to ensure that local businesses and industries stay in business.

We challenge those charged with cultivating new businesses and nurturing existing ones, to make it easier for local businesses to do business in Albany and Dougherty County.

We've heard talk of a "one stop shop" where prospective business owners can handle all of their permitting needs in a single location. Let's get the ball rolling on that!

And for those businesses and industries already here, let's address their needs now. Don't wait until a company is in trouble then start a campaign to keep them.

It is refreshing to hear that the new president of the Economic Development Commission, Ted Clem, values existing business.

"Our primary focus initially will be on the existing companies that we have here in the Albany area, building relationships we've had, make sure they're happy and have tools they need to be successful in this community."

There are solutions already in place - a perfect example is Albany Tech's Quick Start Program, which works with local industries to help train or retrain a workforce Let's add to those solutions.