WALB's Most Wanted: Neil Adam Smith, Yolanda Cleveland

Neil Adam Smith
Neil Adam Smith
Yolanda Shakilla Cleveland
Yolanda Shakilla Cleveland

January 30 , 2009

We desperately need your help to catch a dangerous killer who's on the run from the law. A nationwide manhunt is underway for 31-year-old Neil Adam Smith.

Police say he's a cold-blooded killer who murdered a man in broad daylight in south Albany. And he has an accomplice.

A woman, 22-year-old Yolanda Cleveland, who's believed to have driven the car in this drive-by hit.

It was Valentine's Day 2008 when a blue Honda Civic pulled alongside a Lincoln Towncar on West Gordon Avenue and opened fire.

"They just pulled up beside the vehicle and began firing recklessly," Albany Police Detective Terrence Whitlock said.

At least four shots were fired, one of them hit and killed 22-year-old Cleveland Carter, Jr, the driver of the Towncar.   His car came to rest in an alley near South Magnolia Street.

Police say Carter and Neil Smith had argued earlier in the week, possibly over drugs, and that Smith was out for revenge.

Police say with Yolanda Cleveland driving the car, Smith fired the shots.

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Was this a planned hit? "I would say yes," Whitlock said.

Cleveland Carter's girlfriend, 6-month-old baby and three year old child were passengers in the car when the bullets started flying.  The children witnessed their father's murder.

What worries police now? "There is a possibility they  may do this again. We want to try to prevent this from happening," Whitlock said.

Yolanda Cleveland was born in Miami and police believe that may be where they're hiding out. "We have been working with South Florida Police and U.S. Marshals."

"These are two very dangerous people that we need to get off the streets, whether here or in Florida, we need to get them arrested and bring them to justice system so we can put them away."

So what can you do to help make that happen? You can take a good look at their pictures.

Have you seen these two? Do you know anyone's who's seen them? Yolanda Cleveland has a South Valencia Street address and an address in Miami.

Police say Cleveland and Smith should be considered armed and dangerous.

Any little piece of information you can give police could possibly help catch them.

So please call detectives at 229-431-3288, or if you want to remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers at 229-436-TIPS.

There is reward money in this case, you could get up to one thousand dollars. And you could help make our streets safer.

There were 11 homicides in Albany in 2008.

April 29, the body of 67 year old Susie Hollingsworth was found on the floor of her Mock Road home. She had been slashed to death and her body covered with a blanket.

September 15, former ASU athlete Ricardo McPherson was gunned down in his Gillionville Road apartment. He was on the phone when it happened. The person on the other end called 911.

And December 27, 37-year old Unterio Murray was killed in a drive-by shooting on Haley Street. His cousin, who was in the car with him, was wounded and drove to nearby Warehouse Liquors for help.

Albany Police are at a dead-end in these cases and need your help. Detectives say even if you don't think you have useful information, anything you know could help.

"They can tell us that one small thing that can help us out when we interview the actual suspect or the victims. There are so many details we can focus in on that will really help us crack these cases wide open,"   said Albany Police Detective Charlie Roberts.

You can reach the detectives at 229-431-3288 or even on this cell phone number at 229-347-2067.