ViewPoint: Crosses just a publicity stunt?

January 6, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We should all take great offense that some are using religion as a publicity stunt, to further divide our community.

The new trio of crosses erected without the proper permits, on the top of the downtown exchange building, is nothing more than a danger to the public's safety, and a diversion from the real issue, a desperate attempt to sell downtown property at a grossly inflated price.

No one questions the cross, it's religious meaning or importance when properly used. City Manager Al Lott said it best:

"This is not an issue of symbols related to religion. I personally am a Christian, therefore I believe in the cross and all that it means. This is not that issue. The issue is that he violated at least four or five city ordinances because he either did not know or did not take the time to find out what was right or proper."

It is somewhat surprising that some news media and the public are not following more closely the myriad of other code violations, decaying property, promised ventures, ongoing failures, and on and on, that pertain to these downtown properties...

Most people understand the rules that come with any building or sign construction.

For a community to work, these rules, regulations and permits must be obtained, followed, and documented, for the safety and integrity of our community.

These downtown building owners, including Mr.Sdudl, have consistently felt that most do not apply to them, and when 'caught' they look for others to blame.

Our opinion is that if we are going to put this issue in the context of citing Christian principals, then why are our downtown buildings being held hostage, until a ransom is paid of more than three times the purchase price?

Our hope that this issue does go to court immediately, where it should have been long ago,

Then the city can proceed with it's original goals, to move our downtown forward, rather than someone's own personal enrichment.