ViewPoint: How to help the jobless

December 16, 2008

Times are tough and getting tougher.  The recession has claimed millions of jobs across the country.

Here in Georgia, the unemployment rate is now higher than the national average after years of being better than most other states.  Georgia's unemployment rate is 7%, higher than it's been in more than 16 years.

It will certainly go higher, and it's even worse here in the Albany area.

But in the midst of all that grim news, there is a ray of hope.  Georgia does a good job of helping the jobless find work.  We're fortunate to have a Department of Labor that actively reaches out to the unemployed.

The Labor Department has more than 50 job centers throughout the state where you can go to find out what jobs are available.  They also offer job counseling, resume writing tips, and interviewing help.

Here in Albany, we're lucky to have another center that offers similar services.  Goodwill sponsors a career center as well.  If you don't have computer access, you can go there and get on a computer for free to work on your resume or search for jobs.

If you're out of work, or worried that you could be before the economy turns around.  We encourage you to take advantage of these services.  And we applaud our Labor Department and non-profit groups like Goodwill that work hard to make sure as many Georgians as possible get and keep jobs, even during the toughest of times.