ViewPoint: Why buy local?

December 22, 2008

We often hear a request  from communities this time of year to "buy local" or support local businesses. It seems that that request has taken on even more meaning this year as businesses, large and small, struggle to keep  from going under.

With internationally-known companies such as Proctor and Gamble, Miller Brewing Company, Cooper Tire  Company and MasterFoods USA, as well as numerous other local and smaller businesses in our area,  Albany is an economic hub in south Georgia - but can only continue to hold that position,  IF Albanians support their own.

With shrinking revenues for municipalities and counties across the state, each community  is also competing for dollars  to fund education, needed services,  and other basics that budgets are simply getting tougher and tougher to fund.

So... are you looking for something unique to put under the tree this year - you can find it right here at home!  Are you shopping for tissue or paper towels, tires, libation, or snacks - we've got it all right here and it's made right here at home!

Even though we are asking you to "buy local" during this holiday season...we remind you, as the Chamber's website emphasizes, that "It's Always Been the Right Time to Do Business in Albany!"

We ask that you remember that -  not only during the holiday season, but year-round! It will always be the right time to do business in Albany!