WALB's Most Wanted: Nebuchanezzar Kendrick

December 2, 2008

An interesting twist on tonight's Most Wanted. A year ago, I showed you 30-year-old Johkomia Fletcher, also known as Koma.

He was wanted for aggravated assault and he still is.

Police say he shot 33-year-old Nebuchanezzar Kendrick October 17th, 2007 after an argument at a house on East Society Avenue. Kendrick survived and not only is Fletcher still wanted, but now Kendrick is, too.

Just last Tuesday, If you remember, Nebuchanezzar Kendrick was the subject of last week's Most Wanted. Police say four weeks ago, he got into a fight with another man and assaulted him with a pocket knife.

Tonight there are Aggravated Assault/Domestic Violence warrants out for his arrest.

So both of these men are on the run and they both need to be caught. If you have any information on either of these troublemakers, call Albany Crimestoppers at 229-436-TIPS.

You could get a reward of up to one thousand dollars.