ViewPoint: Phantom Rescue

November 24, 2008

All police departments want the public to take reasonable and legal steps to help them protect the public.

The Albany Police Department really got a boost in that area recently when the group known as the Phantom Rescue started riding through the city, keeping their eyes open for criminal activity.

The Phantom Rescue people are not vigilantes, taking the law into their own hands, and attempting to arrest suspects, but they do call the police department when their observers encounter situations that don't look right.

Albany Police officers then respond to that location for further investigation.

This partnership seems to be helping deter crime, and business owners we spoke to said they appreciate extra eyes and ears out there through the night, observing their property.

And that's the point.

The police department can't be everywhere at once. But when they are alerted to a problem, an officer can usually get to that spot quickly.

Some business owners are contributing to Phantom rescue's fuel expense, and so far, Phantom rescue hasn't overstepped its authority. As long as this arrangement suits the business owners, the police department, and Phantom rescue, we commend it.

And those people snooping around businesses in the night should be aware that there are more sets of eyes on your actions.