Viewpoint: Feed the Hungry

November 24, 2008

As we approach Thanksgiving and thoughts turn to food, family and friends, let's not forget about all those out there who are truly less fortunate.

The holidays typically draw attention to efforts to feed the hungry, but it's something we should be cognizant of year 'round. Let's reach deep within ourselves and help those who are in need.

We thank organizations like the Salvation Army and the Food Bank who work tirelessly all year to make sure people are fed and clothed.

And we call on you, our neighbors, to do your share. When you shop for Thanksgiving groceries, buy some extra cans of food to give to the Food Bank.

Through the Salvation Army, adopt a family for the holidays. You can provide food and gifts they would likely not otherwise have.

When times are hard, it's a natural reaction to close our fists tighter. But remember, with this tough economy, the need for us to open our hands and our hearts is even greater.