ViewPoint: Let's honor our Veterans

November 11, 2008

We were tragically reminded earlier this week that our service men and women risk their lives, whether they face insurgents, IEDs, or accidents.

Albany's Theron Hobbs was killed when a truck rolled back and pinned him.

The Monroe High alumnus and his wife were expecting their first child in February, and Hobbs was expected to return to Albany in January. Now that child will never know his father, and his wife is left to carry on alone.

As our nation marks Veterans Day, let us all remember the sacrifices that so many have made and are making now for our security.

We have hundreds of thousands of Americans in uniform all over the world doing their part to make sure that we can lead peaceful lives here at home.

Some will never see their families again. Some who do will be forever changed because of the wounds they suffered, whether physical or mental.

All Americans should remember the service these men and women provide their country. It is also important that the government, in its haste to trim budgets and right balance sheets, does not shortchange the programs intended to assist these men and women.

Our Veterans should be honored, not just on Veterans Day, but every day. They live with memories of their service 365 days a year.