WALB.com is an advertising tour de force!

You know that WALB.com is a vital part of your news experience. You are far from alone!

Take a look at the stats from WALB.com's Politics Page, and the response our election sponsors received for November 4, 2008:

WALB.com received a total of 101,798 page views on election day, almost three times our average of about 35,000 page views per day.

  • Ashley's Digital Business Solutions - 33,847 impressions and 232 clicks to their website (a .69% click rate)
  • Autoland - 33,889 impressions and 291 clicks to their website (a .83% click rate)
  • Darton College - 34,134 impressions and 284 clicks to their website (a .86% click rate)

The national average click rate of website ads is only 0.1%, so WALB.com delivered seven and eight times the results of what was expected!

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