ViewPoint: Economy is the focus

October 16, 2008

While this year's presidential campaign has been far from boring, it's time politicians understand that we, the voters, really want them and need them to stick to the issues.

While we are concerned about national security, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and crime, the issue that seems to be on most voter's minds these days is the economy. Remember the words of a campaign from in the day: it's the economy - stupid?

Many close to retiring are looking with disbelief at their shrinking 401k's, and while those who are younger still have time to recover from those recent losses, investors are still discouraged as they watch what they have saved disappear.

We hear each and every day how small and large business owners alike can't get the loans they need to expand their businesses. We, the voters, want to know what you, the candidates, plan to do to help put this country on the path to recovery.

Who attended a party with whom, who almost went to jail, who is the real candidate, who is erratic, are legitimate concerns but they should not be the main topics of discussion and campaign ads at this point.

Voters need to know if they are going to have jobs so that they can pay their mortgages, purchase health insurance, put gas in their automobiles, put food on their tables, and keep the lights on.

So to all candidates during this 2008 election, enough with the junk. Stick with the campaign issues that matter most to Americans.