ViewPoint: ASU Homecoming biggest yet

October 14, 2008

If you were in Albany this past weekend, you might have thought something big was going on, and you'd have been right. But you might not realize just how big a deal it was, and is...

Albany State University held it's annual homecoming, and thousands of alums came back to the Good Life City from near and far.

ASU started a new tradition with a homecoming block party downtown.

The university also held its first annual Arts and Music festival.

The Homecoming Parade was a huge event Saturday, and featured well over 100 floats and marching bands.

The first ASU car and bike show kicked off at the Exchange Club Fairgrounds, and the Albany Civil Rights Museum selected this weekend to open to the public, because so many people were in town.

Hotels and restaurants were full, and their cash registers were humming as a result.

Whether you're an Albany State alumnus or not, you benefited from the school's homecoming, and we commend the university and all the people who no doubt worked hard to make everything happen successfully.

We look forward to ASU Homecoming 2009, which will be even bigger and better.

And by the way, Homecoming was also a success on the field. The ASU football team beat Clark-Atlanta, and that made the weekend even sweeter for the Golden Ram nation.