ViewPoint: Why criticize ATI?

October 7, 2008

When I hear some people complain about the work done by The Albany Tomorrow organization, it sounds as dumb as celebrating that a few people successfully kept I-75 from passing through Albany.

ATI has done an incredible job. ATI implemented the downtown master plan created in the 90's, and projects you voted to build.

Albany Tomorrow, with the support of a strong board of local business and industry leaders, is responsible for much of what you see today in Downtown Albany.

It's a very long list, but it bears repeating, since it was done with your sales tax dollars.

ATI managed projects to build the Dept of Human Resources building, The Riverfront Resource Center, The Law Enforcement Center, River Front Park and the Downtown crown jewel, The Flint Riverquarium.

The Hilton Gardens Hotel & Conference Center,The Central Square Office and parking deck. Beautiful Ashley Riverside Apartment Complex, The First Tee Golf Course, The Bridgehouse, and, The River Trail System.

Work on The Thronateeska Planetarium and Civil Rights Institute is expected to be completed within the next couple of months. Final work is taking place at the Ray Charles Plaza.

The Chehaw Connector, a pedestrian bridge connecting the river trail to Chehaw Park, will be complete by the middle of next year. The city will take over management of that project and any others that are not complete when ATI stops operating.

December 31st, 2008 the business operations of Albany Tomorrow will cease, after ten years of successful operation.

Without additional SPLOST dollars and something new to build, there's no real mission for ATI.

ATI accomplished its goals. Now it is moving out of the way.

We should be very proud of the fine work done by Albany Tomorrow.