ViewPoint: Albany is a college town!

August 19, 2008

Albany, The Good Life City!  Albany, The City By The Flint! Albany, College Town?

Yes, college town!

As our three colleges gear up for a new college year, we'd like for you to look at them in a new light! These institutions not only prepare our younger citizens for the work force but in the process, they are bringing in much-needed revenue to the southwest Ga community.

The impact from operations, employees' expenses, students spending, capital expenditures, and enhancement of the skills of workforce in southwest Georgia is great.

For Albany State $137 Million per year; Darton College $105 million; And Albany Tech $64 million. Collectively, the economic impact is more than $300 million per year.

We applaud the Chamber and local businesses when they roll out the red carpet for visitors, brought to Albany because of Homecoming, sports activities, and other special educational events throughout the year, and we thank these institutions and their students for having a positive impact economically by way of personnel, operations, student spending.

Now, we invite the citizenry to join in and recognize our community as a college town, which can only enhance our city.