ViewPoint: ABAC roundball goes bye-bye

August 14, 2008

Governor Perdue's mandate for state agencies to cut their budgets by three percent has certainly left college and university presidents like ABAC's David Bridges with difficult decisions to make.

However, we believe Bridges could have found other ways to trim the ABAC budget without cutting the school's basketball program. A program widely supported by the student body and Tifton community.

Bridges cites increasing travel costs because of the rising cost of gas as a big reason for eliminating the basketball programs.

If so, then why didn't ABAC look at cutting other sports that require bigger rosters, more games and more travel.

The one thing about the men's and women's basketball teams is they do travel together to many road games.

The decision not only hurts the community but also a group of young men and women who have little time to find other schools where they can play basketball.

While these players held up their end of the bargain by taking care of their academic responsibilities,  ABAC has not held up their promise to allow them to play basketball.

What hurts most is some these players may not get the chance to attain a four year degree because of this decision.

We recommend that ABAC alumni, supporters and members of the Tifton community who want basketball on campus to work with the administration to make it happen.

Georgia's public colleges and universities belong to its taxpayers. Not a group of administrators who sit in ivory towers.