ViewPoint: Deal with derelict buildings

August 12, 2008

Derelict, dilapidated buildings have been an issue in the Good Life City for several years.

They have become such a problem that the City of Albany has staff to deal with getting something done about them, and that staff has been busy.

The location that has sort of become the 'poster child' for structural eyesores in Albany has become the old Heritage House Hotel on Oglethorpe Boulevard.

It's been sitting in a twi-light zone of dilapidation- not razed, but not re-furbished either. It's been a depressing mess for years, and finally, its owner was taken to court, where he was told to come up with a plan to demolish it.

It's about time this was done, and we commend the city for taking legal action to get the owner into court, and we commend the court for holding the owner accountable.

The Heritage House may be the most visible eyesore in town, but it's far from the only one.

We say to the city: Let's strike while the iron is hot, and get more done to rid our city of derelict buildings.