ViewPoint: Non-Partisan Races needed

August 7, 2008

In our recent primary election, a pitiful 18% of registered voters, showed up at the polls, and about half that number voted in the run-off.

This election was a perfect example of why we need to have nonpartisan races for all of our local elected offices.

Thousands of Republicans crossed over and voted in the Democratic primary, so they could have a voice in who would be our next Sheriff and District Attorney.

Can we agree that a sheriff and a district attorney are to follow the rule of law, and it makes no difference which political party they are affiliated with? This is why most judges are elected on a nonpartisan basis.

This was to be a Democratic primary, to decide among Democrats who runs against a Republican challenger in November. That certainly did not happen.

Sadly,  those running for office on the Republican ticket were negatively affected, because so few people voted Republican.

And there is the negative effect that a very good candidate will be eliminated in the primary,

Yet some will run uncontested in November, when there is a much higher percentage voter turnout. And we wonder why we are disappointed with who is elected.

This flawed system must change. We call on our City and County Commissions to call for a change in Atlanta for all local races to be nonpartisan elections.