More Features Equal Stronger Security

Intrusion Detection:
Alarms Etc. is committed to protecting your family.  Having a home security system is in itself a deterrent to burglars.  If one does break in to your home, the 24-hour U.L. Certified Central Monitoring Station with redundant back-up will deliver the fastest response time possible.  Businesses are invaded by criminals causing property damage and frightening employees. With the arrival of new technologies in business security systems, criminals are now thinking twice before attempting break-ins.

Fire Detection:
Fire is the most frightening element known to man. It destroys everything in its path, leaving victims to sift through what is left of their belongings, memories, and life's work. Headlines are filled with fire disasters that could have been prevented if only the homeowner or business had monitored fire protection.  Without automatic reporting, it takes an average of 27 minutes from the time a fire starts to the time the Fire Department arrives to a place of business. Compare that to the 4 to 5 minute arrival time made possible by automatic notification with Alarms Etc.'s 24-hour U.L. Certified Central Monitoring Station with redundant back-up.  This constant communication link between your system and monitoring service ensures the highest possible level of protection for your home.

Closed Circuit TV Systems:
Statistics show that video surveillance and alarm systems are the best way to reduce your losses and protect your property and assets. With Alarms Etc.'s closed circuit TV systems, you can prevent money and merchandise from walking out of your business.

Access Control:
Controlling access to your facility will benefit your business in several ways. It will restrict walk-in traffic, decreasing security threats. If you have sensitive or high security areas, you can control employee access to certain sections of the facility. Also, access control will eliminate the need to re-key the entire facility whenever you have employee turnover. Finally, one of the most compelling reasons is the ability to document and report access activity, helping you to quickly understand who had access to sensitive areas of your business before and after an incident.

Dedicated 24-hour U.L. Listed Monitoring Station
In order to offer the best around the clock protection possible, Alarms Etc.'s monitoring station is equipped to deliver the fastest response time during a burglary, fire or medical emergency. All Monitoring Station employees undergo a rigorous certification program and a criminal background check. Our number one priority is always making sure that your emergency situation is handled in the fastest way possible... when every second counts.

24-Hour / 7 Days A Week Customer Care
Having a new security system, as with any new piece of equipment, may take some time getting used to. That is why Alarms Etc. has customer service agents who are ready day or night to assist you with any questions you may have. We can talk you through user instruction, schedule on-site service, answer billing questions and also provide technical support.

More Features Equal Stronger Security

  • Automatically receive e-mail or text messages notifying you that your system has been turned on or off, or an alarm has occurred.
  • Selectively protect specific areas of your residence, turning the system on only for the first floor of your home or bedrooms, or only activating perimeter zones (the windows and doors of your home) so that you may move freely within your home.
  • Keypad shortcut keys provide one-button access to the most commonly used functions.
  • The Cancel/VerifyTM feature lets you instantly cancel a false alarm to avoid an unnecessary response, or, more importantly, verify an alarm to quickly summon help.
  • The Armed SilenceTM feature allows your system to remain armed (on) after an alarm is silenced, unlike other systems that require you to disarm (disable) your system to turn the sirens off, leaving you unprotected.