ViewPoint: Parent Roundup

July 31, 2008

Not long ago, the District Attorney's Office conducted a sort of "Parent Roundup," during which they let Dougherty County parents settle up their un-paid child-support payments-- without facing the criminal charges they were liable for.

The courtroom was packed with people to settle up. That was good.

What would have been better is if the D.A. had needed the civic center to hold all the parents. If all the parents who owed money had showed up, that could have been justified.

It's bad enough that these children are growing up without one of their parents, but the financial strain a lack of financial support causes compounds everything.

There are already enough services that the tax payers have to pay for, from indigent defense, to a huge jail, to keeping the streets and roads repaired, to... well, you name it.

We commend the D. A.'s office for the 'parent roundup,' and encourage another one soon, and vigorous prosecution of deadbeat parents, including seizure of their assets to go toward supporting the children they care too little about.