ViewPoint: School Board spends lots of your money

July 29, 2008

Dougherty County Schools go back in session August 6th. This year, the school system will spend 128 million of your tax dollars. It's our responsibility to try to make sure they spend that money wisely. We're quick to criticize if we think school leaders make a mistake, so we should also pat them on the back when they do things well.

Last school year, the graduation was up. The attendance rate was up. And the failure rate was down. That's good to hear. Last year, the school system implemented a new policy that keeps kids in the same school all year, even if they move into a different school zone.

School board members passed that plan to bring more stability to classrooms and help students achieve. It worked.

This year, they're implementing staggered school starting times. The goal is to make sure students get to school on time and get all the classroom instruction time their supposed to. That's a good idea too, and we're confident it will have positive results.

We know there's still a lot of room for improvement in Dougherty County Schools. We're glad board members and administrators realize that too.

We hope they continue to look for innovative ways to improve student achievement and make our schools better. That's good for all of us, and that's a good return on our $128 million investment.