ViewPoint: What's Congress waiting on?

July 22, 2008

Red state, blue state, liberal, conservative. There are plenty of issues out there that keep Americans divided. The issue of $4-a-gallon gasoline isn't one of them.

Last week the president, whose popularity in most polls is abysmal, rescinded an executive order his daddy signed, and cleared the way on one end of Pennsylvania Avenue, for oil drilling and exploration off America's coastlines.

Some say that it was just a coincidence that the price of oil on the world market dropped significantly the same day.

Just across town, the United States Congress, whose popularity is even WORSE than the president's, has its own drilling ban in place, and has made no move to lift it.


Several weeks, I spoke about politicians and their adherence to the 'no-drill, no-where' mantra, and the need for this mindset to give way to a more reasoned approach.

There are future energy sources that will some day render gasoline and Diesel fuel secondary to our needs, but that day is distant. Right now, we need more petroleum in the system, as a way to drive down the price.

The law of supply and demand will make it happen. When there's more of anything, its price drops.

Congress needs to follow the president's lead, and allow petroleum exploration in the areas controlled by America.