Laser Treatments (requires multiple treatments)

Hair Removal:

Latest Technology of hair removal for any skin type.  May be done on any area of the body or face.  Hair removal is a permanent procedure.  However, we occasionally produce more hair through hormones.  A once year maintenance is recommended.

Pigmented Lesions:

Very few of us are lucky enough not to have some sort of pigmented lesion, whether it be freckles, solar lentigines (age spots), or discoloration associated with hormones.  Pigmented lesions are caused by an accumulation of excess melanin in certain areas of the skin.  The laser targets and destroys this excess melanin, leaving fresher, younger looking, and more attractive skin.  This treatment takes just a few minutes and is relatively pain free.

Acne Treatment:

This treatment kills bacteria under the surface of the skin, correcting and preventing blemishes for up to several months.  This is also very effective for improving the appearance of cystic acne scarring.  For face and body.

Laser Resurfacing:

Resurfaces the skin by taking away the damaged layers on the surface, smoothes away wrinkles and scars, tightens pores and lifts off sun damage and evens pigment.  For face and body.

Rosacea and Broken Capillaries:

Visibly eliminates conditions that cause the skin to appear red or flush.  Treatment will be tailored to your skin condition and desired results.  For face and body.

Tattoo Removal:

Laser energy is directed at the tattooed area for a fraction of a second, passing harmlessly through the outer layer of the skin and targeting the tattoo ink directly.  The laser disrupts the ink, allowing your body to absorb it and break it down naturally.