WALB's Most Wanted: Shanda Sweet

July 11, 2008

On Most Wanted, a woman who police say is just despicable.

This is 33-year old Shanda Sweet. She's a rogue Home Health Care Nurse who lost her license years ago, but somehow keeps getting jobs. Police say she uses her job as a nurse to the elderly, sick and disabled, to steal from them.

In this latest case against her, investigators say she stole grocery money from an AARC patient, a disabled person, and used the money to pay her $1,200.00 cell phone bill. There are forgery and Identity Fraud warrants out for her arrest.

Shanda Sweet's lying about her credentials and her identity to get jobs. So look at her face, because this is not the face of someone you want to hire.

She's known to sometimes live with her mother at 1912 Stuart Avenue, and at other times, she stays on West Society Avenue.

You'll be eligible for some reward money if you turn Shanda Sweet in. So please call Albany Crime Stoppers at  436-TIPS. And remember you don't have to give you name.