ViewPoint: "Flying Baby" video shocking

July 15, 2008

Like all of you, we were shocked when we saw the YouTube video of that nine month old baby being catapulted through the air.

What a despicable act of ignorance on the part of those two teenaged boys.

We don't know whether they were actually out to harm the baby, or if they were just getting their kicks at the child's expense - either way, their actions are a frightening reflection of what's going on in our society.

The evolving world of media that provides these outlets for people to get attention, creates the need for closer monitoring of what's being done by these attention-seekers.

How far will they go for a moment of fame? As far as we let them.

It's time to ask questions and lots of them.

If you are a parent, find out what your child is videoing. If a bedroom door is closed,  knock on it and ask what's going on. Don't assume your child has the good judgment to "know better."

Talk to your kids. Use this baby video as an example of what's not acceptable in our society. It's time for us to give the attention-seekers the kind of attention they really need and can learn from.