ViewPoint: One Tank Trips

July 10, 2008

At WALB we are just about to kick-off a campaign that will run all summer called "One Tank Trips". This is a showcase of all the destinations, attractions, and family fun opportunities that you can reach, on less than one tank of gas, and without the need to stay overnight.

We have done this in the past, but with the increasing cost of gas, food prices, and just the overall state of the economy, we thought it was useful information to remind you about again.

If you have having trouble budgeting that trip to Disney World, stay closer to home, and see all the sights and sounds we have to offer right here in South Georgia.. We will of course show you the latest offerings at Wild Adventures, Chehaw Park, The Riverquarium, Lake Blackshear, The Rylander Theatre, or The Sam Short Line Railroad.

We will also give you a tour of some wonderful attractions you may not be so familiar with, or that have just slipped your mind, like The Georgia Agrirama, The Albany Civil Rights Museum, Andersonville, or Sunday School with Jimmy Carter.

You could also call this a "shop local" campaign, because it will remind you that if your vacation closer to home, and your dollars are spent touring South Georgia, you will also be helping your friends and neighbors who are enduring the same economic challenges...

The are many summer volunteer family projects like Habitat for Humanity, local food banks, and the Sowega Council on Aging. Spend a rewarding day helping others, and then Bar-B-Q with your friends or neighbors.

We will feature day trips to near-by towns,  for festivals, shopping, dining out, or just exploring...

And we will talk dollars and cents...for the cost of one trip to Panama City, join the YMCA, and your family can swim and take advantage of all their indoor and outdoor programs all summer long.

Come along with us and explore what South Georgia has to offer.

Mickey Mouse will still be there next year.