ViewPoint: Local races are key

July 8, 2008

Many experts predict record voter turnout when we elect a new president in November. But when it comes to local races, next week's primaries may be even more important.

Many of the races will be decided next Tuesday night because the winners won't face opposition in November. So, if you want to have a say-so in those races, you have to vote now.

You also have to pick either a Democratic or a Republican ballot. Before you make that choice, you should probably check out sample ballots in your county. Here's why. In Dougherty County, there's only one local contested race on the Republican ballot. It's a school board race.

If you want to vote in the Sheriff's or District Attorney's races, you have to vote Democrat. It's just the opposite in Lee County, where every contested local race in the primary is on the Republican ballot.

It's easier than ever to vote. Early voting is gaining popularity in Georgia. If you don't want to fight the crowds on election day, you can vote any day through this Friday. When you vote isn't important, as long as you vote. We encourage you to do your homework, pick the candidates you like best, and cast your ballot.