ViewPoint: City moves with deliberate speed

July 1, 2008

We are quick to point out when we believe Albany's Code Enforcement Department doesn't function up to par, so in fairness, we want to point out when we think they do a good job.

When a citizen complained last month that a Code Enforcement Officer approached him in a city truck and made sexual comments to him, the city took the complaint seriously and acted quickly.

They enlisted the help of the Sheriff's Office, which quietly put a GPS on the inspector's truck to track his movements while he was on the job.

Within days, their investigation showed the inspector was up to all kinds of things, mainly hitting on other men, while on the job and in a city vehicle.

By the end of that week, he was arrested for falsifying job paperwork about this whereabouts, suspended and a week later, he resigned.

This quick action shows the Code Enforcement Department takes seriously its responsibility as stewards of city resources and accountability to the public.

And for that, we say good job!