ViewPoint: Put Georgians to work!

June 26, 2008

More Georgians are unemployed right now than ever before. In May, 285,000 people who wanted a job, couldn't find one. Thankfully, those people can get help from the Georgia Department of Labor.

Over the weekend, WALB partnered with the Department on its annual televised job fair. Employment professionals answered more than 3,000 phone calls from people all over Georgia looking for work.

Those callers were able to get information about job openings in their area and request information that will help them in their job hunt.

The Labor Department also has 53 career centers throughout Georgia, including one in Albany. Job hunters can go there for all kinds of help.

We're lucky to have a Labor Department that works so hard to connect people looking for work with businesses looking for workers.

We commend Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond for reaching out to Georgians in need of help and for making sure the people in his department offer good customer service to job seekers and businesses.

We encourage anyone who is unemployed to take advantage of the Labor Department's services. Even during these tough economic times, they offer a ray of hope and a helping hand to all those Georgians who need a job.