ViewPoint: The bus station is OK

June 10, 2008

Albany City Commissioners are debating whether to move the city's transit center from it's current location in the old Greyhound Terminal on West Oglethorpe.

There's a proposal to build a new transportation center at the corner of Flint and Roosevelt.

But why?  The existing bus terminal serves its purpose well. It's a good, centralized location. It's spacious, air conditioned and close to taxi-stands.

The Mayor is pushing for the move because he's concerned the city will lose a one and a half million dollar grant that could be used to pay for it.

We say, so what? Our zeal to get our hands on state DOT money should not cloud our good judgement.

Just because government money is available doesn't mean we have to spend it. There's nothing wrong with the existing bus terminal.

We echo Downtown Manager Don Buie's concerns over why commissioners would devote such a prime piece of real estate to a bus transfer station?

We agree with him. Perhaps in the downtown revitalization, a commercial developer might see that corner lot as a good location for a business that would actually expand Albany's tax base.

And we're certainly all for that. We say leave the bus terminal where it is.