ViewPoint: Safety extends to the water

May 22, 2008

We are finally getting back to summer time conditions, and that means longer days and warm temperatures. Just right for hauling the old boat out of the shelter, loading up some friends and going for a ride.

Unfortunately, as we saw recently down in Seminole County, a afternoon of fun on the water can turn very serious, very quickly.

All boat operators need to be mindful of the limitations that boats have. They don't have brakes, seat belts, or air bags. And some of the boats with big motors can go so fast that they can almost become airborne.

The folks that were involved in this collision with the cypress trees on Lake Seminole may be lucky to have survived this wreck. You can see what it did to the boat.

This should serve as a wakeup call and a reminder to everyone on the water that bad things can happen before we even realize it. And when accidents happen on a river or creek, it may be a while until emergency assistance can find you, and get you to a hospital.

If you do need assistance, or want to report someone drinking while operating a boat, or boating in an unsafe manner, there is a number to have with you while on the water. Call DNR at 1-800-241-4113

Let's watch out for the other person on the water, and respect the power and speed of motor boats. Summer should be filled with fun, not pain.