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Special Report: Is 60 the new 40?

May 21, 2008
by Regina Russo

As baby boomers jog toward the traditional retirement age, it's clear that age means something different than it did for their parents and grandparents.

You're about to meet a few people who are the rule and not the exception when it comes to getting older. They're discovering 60 is the new 40.

"My parents never exercised. If I compare myself to my parents when they were my age. They look so much older than we do," says Dana Siegel, and she's right. She is much younger than when her parents were 63.

When you consider that in 1950 the average age of someone going into a nursing home is 65 and today, it's 81. 60 could very well be the new 40.

'Sure it is!" And Dana adds, her generation isn't slowing down anytime soon. "We have a couple who have retired, and now are doing something else, my husband is an attorney he's thinking about retiring and becoming a professor."

And if you can believe it this breast cancer survivor and lung transplant recipient Dana also works regularly, volunteering for at least 3 different organizations and her church.

Leesa Wiesner is 70 years old, she's been scuba diving for 36 years, you'll find her volunteering her days feeding the sharks at the aquarium, that's when she's not traveling around the world with the other diving friends like Marjorie Templeton who is how old? "I'm over 60, I'm over 70 Regina."

And that's as far as Marjorie would let us go with that question. By day Marjorie is a truant officer and at night, a sixth degree master instructor.

"Also director of special education, also pre-school coordinator at Southgate public schools. I'm also owner of Tristate ATA black belt academy in Florence."

"I have always felt like, you don't look at age, as a time to stop," she said. Her advice to the 60 year olds who want a life that' just gets sweeter with age,

Live in the moment, never say can't, "Do things in moderation, work hard and play hard."

And your age will always be just a number.

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